Geology & Resources

ThREEM3 has rights to develop a unique rare earth deposit in the United States. This deposit is a high iron magmatic intrusion with end-phase hydrothermal activity. This formation reflects past volcanic activity resulting in a series of caldera formations with a genesis of 1.5 billion years ago.

Rare Earth Enriched Phosphates: The iron rich magma contains Rare Earth enriched phosphates that are extracted during the beneficiation process. These RE rich Phosphates will be the initial source of rare earths from the deposit. Assay data shows that the heavy rare earth distribution in these RE Phosphates greatly exceeds any other permitted deposit outside China. A distinct advantage to ThREEM3 associated with this deposit is that these RE-Phosphates will have little or no direct mining cost related to their production.

Rare Earth Distributions | By Mineralization

End-phase hydrothermal activity also produced heavy rare earth enriched breccia pipes. These pipes contain high value mineral resources in addition to the rare earths.

These breccia pipes were evaluated by multiple independent experts, the USGS and the State of Missouri.  Independent studies and technical papers include recovery, concentration and elemental extraction.